How to use.

More details:

This is a copy of "How to Use" page from the app. There is another more detailed version of this page illustrated with screenshots and popups that show exactly what each function or area of the screen does.

There are 5 main screens: INPUT, OUTPUT, PLAY (Transmutation), OPTIONS and SETTINGS.

Go to Settings first.


-          The social accounts, that you plan to use with the app, should be linked from that screen. Every social app will start its own wizard. You will need to provide your credentials to login and allow Twist a Tweet app to access your account. What social apps you see here depends on the subscription option that you bought;

-          Use In-app purchase, when you decide to upgrade the app from Blue to Silver or to Gold version. Depending on a purchased version, you will have more choices for inputs and outputs. Blue version is a basic non-expiring free version; Silver version subscription ($0.99 for 1 month) adds more options; Gold version ($1.99 for 1 month) adds several more options on top of Silver. Cloud storage subscription option can be added to any version separately ($4.99 for 1 month);

-          There is a link to the ABOUT screen that provides additional information on: “How to use”, “History of the app”, “Terms of service”, “Privacy policy”, “Legal” and “Debug”;

-          Use Feedback option to send email to the app’s support.



-          select any tweets from “Tweeter” screen (Blue version)

-          pick up a phrase from a library of funny/historical/colloquial phrases. (Blue version)

-          type in a phrase that you want to twist (Silver version)

-          paste the text from clipboard (Silver version)

-          open a text file (Silver version)

-          dictate the text with Siri’s assistance (Gold version)



       By default your text will play on screen. When saved or shared, it is in .MP4 file format. You can also activate additional output options:

-     to save the twist to phone (Blue version)

-     to send the twist by email  (Blue version)

-     to upload the twist to Facebook (Silver version)

-     to upload the twist to Twitter (Silver version)

-     to upload the twist to YouTube  (Silver version)

-     to upload the twist to SnapChat (Gold version)

-     to upload the twist to Instagram (Gold version)

-     to upload the twist to AWS cloud storage (Separate subscription)




You can vary the following parameters:

-          Size, with a slider or selecting a fixed format

-          Frame rate (between 12 to 30)

-          Speed

-          Mirrored (to read the twist in a mirror)

-          Looping (to play twist in a loop). Do not use this option if you plan to save or export the output.

-          Text color

-          Background color



When you have selected input, output and desired options, click on PLAY triangle button in the navigation toolbar below, and tap on a main screen to play/pause your twist.  To control the playback you can also use a small play button in the top-right corner. After the twist finished playing on screen, prompts to “Send to youTube” or “Send to Facebook”, etcetera will pop up (once that were selected on Output screen). It will give you an option to enter your comments and the “Send” button in the top-right corner will send the video to its destination.

When “Save to phone” option is selected, the generated .MP4 file is saved in “Photos” folder on the device.

In the real world, using Twist a Tweet app is not happening as smooth and intuitive as we would have wanted it. Here are a few things that you need to be aware as the app’s user:

-          If you have Facebook or youTube app installed on your phone, stop them when you use Twist a Twit app. They may interfere with the upload.

-          Facebook app has to be installed on your phone in order to be able to upload twists to

-          On the ‘Settings’ screen when you enter your user credentials for Twitter, youTube(Google), SnapChat or Facebook account, you will be asked by the respective sites to authorize Twist a Tweet app’s access.

-          When you upload a twist to AWS cloud storage, you will be provided a link to the file, which is good for 30 days. The link can be pasted from the clipboard. After 30 days the file will be automatically deleted.

Twist a Tweet app is compatible with iOS 12.0 and newer versions.