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Here I am telling stories and answering questions pertinent to what Transmutation Technology is and its use. Twist a Tweet app on iPhone is currently the only application that uses this method.  It is already in Apple review process and could be approved around February 1st, 2020.

Frankly, no one has yet to ask me a single question about it. So, being proactive, I am making my own questions.  Check "To Discuss" section - I already posted some notes on several aspects of the app


What the F is it?

Transmutation method is a way to convert static text (alphabetic) into a dynamic stream. The reason a human mind can comprehend the transmitted message is because the characters within words are connected cinematically. For some reason, this has not been done before. I have filed a patent application US 62/995077 to claim it.


Does it work?

At this point, other than my anecdotal evidence, there is no other proof pro or contra. I think it works wonders. But, for the first 14 years, while I was developing a better software and looking for practical uses for this method, I was totally blind to its main purpose. It turns normal people into poets! It makes peoples' minds connect dots subconsciously without them being aware how!  Now, with the available tool, I wish that there will be tests and experiments, under controlled conditions, and our scientists will statistically prove if it works or not.


Practical uses.

Ever since I came with that idea in 2004 and started developing the method, I was looking for its practical applications. I figured that it could be used:

-          in advertisements on electronic billboards;
-          to display text messages in very tight spaces (i.e. inside buttons);
-          in UI  
-          by people with retinitis pigmentosa – they could read it without moving their eyes;
-          in VR/AR/MR applications;
-          as a form of CAPTCHA;
-          to send messages electronically that can’t be decoded by robots.


Development steps.

It is an idea that I came up with in 2004. First, a software in Flash was commissioned. That was a total flop.

Second, I had a Windows program in C++ developed that illistrated the concept. It let me vary speed of transitions and timing. It helped to realize that long words need to be "transmuted" progressively faster towards the end.

Then, an editor software for MAC was created, that allowed to insert intermediate stages into the transitions between letters. That helped me to improve transitions, where the letter shape would break wildly before it turns into an ending letter shape. 

My interest in it was waning and waxing for a few times over the years. Slowly, a better iOS version, that was based on a Windows prototype, has appeared. 

In the next development, I will be focusing on adding Cyrillic font, adding more advanced controls and bringing it to 3D/VR/AR. Adding Cardboard SDK and creating a stereo stream seems to be a low hanging fruit. I would love to see how it looks like in stereo!


This site.

This web site is created to support Twist-a-Tweet app and disseminate information relevant to the transmutation method. "How to Use" section is in 4 languages to help people navigate around the app. It contains screenshots of all major screens with popup text labels for every feature or button (triggered by mouse over in the browser or by muse click on a mobile phone).   To Discuss section contains several forums, where you can post your questions and comments and I will be replying. I already answered several un-asked questions. Check it out.   Gallery page purpose is not yet clear. I wanted to publish there most interesting twists, then I wanted the registered users to post their messages. But, I am not even sure if it is even needed. The streamed texts is not an art. They are messages that became objects.